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Just Added New Designs!
                                                                                                                                  Photo by Alix Martinez Photography
With Tuckadream Pillow, Children Dream
About Happy Things and Feel Secure at Night!
Our 8"x 8" square dream pillows are colorful and contemporary.

Each pillow includes a dreamkeeper journal book for recording
Wishes, Dreams, Hopes and Goals.

Tuckadream wards off nightmares
the tuckadream experience helps children relax and de-stress after a long day, by focusing on positive thoughts before sleep. "Dream Specialists" suggest that visions of chevron stripes in one's dream symbolizes every Tuckadream Pillow features a coordinating chevron stripe fabric

Tuckadream eases anxieties associated with change and discomfort 
new school, new home, new sibling, injury/illness, travel plans, separation/loss
Tuckadream excites children with surprises and magic of make believe
parents help your child experience the magic of make believe --
insert letters and surprises in your child's pillow at night,
to celebrate holidays and special occasions:
Tooth Fairy, Birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter...or whatever!

Convenient size to bring anywhere.
Ages 3++